Where is Tad Cummins hiding?

Rumor has it Tad Cummins was heading west. He and Beth Thomas packed very little clothing, and only for warmer climates. A few western states have warm weather year round that might attract Tad.

California’s coast from mid state and south have ideal areas that include Los Angeles, Long Beach, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria and San Diego.

Texas temperatures are warm year round, but can get rather hot in the summer months. Cities like Corpus Christi, Galveston, Brownsville, Del Rio and Victoria would be pleasant year round.

Arizona temperatures stay mild, but can get exceptionally hot in the summer. Tucson and its surrounding communities probably have the best climate in the state.

Areas with mild weather and oceanic beauty tend to be highly populated, making it easy for someone to hide in plain site. All Tad and Elizabeth would have to do is change their attire to match what the locals are wearing, and no one would ever notice them.

Let’s face it, Americans have a short attention span, and anyone who recognizes trends knows the today’s news is tomorrow’s forgotten memory. They could be riding out this storm until the push to find them dies down. They could be temporarily holed up for months just about anywhere. They could be living in a homeless camp, on a remote property, on a boat, in a campground, in a vehicle, at a friend’s house, as squatters in a vacant home, etc., etc.

It makes the most sense that they’d stay in somewhere America, because it is a welfare state and they have access to free health care and other welfare handouts, with little to no accountability. It’s even easier in California. They just need to learn how to work the system. With all the beauty the west has to offer, and all the remote places there are to hide, there’s no indication they would necessarily choose a warm climate over a cool one, however. So because of the boundless options, our money here at FMP is somewhere in California as the dream destination.

Anthony Thomas files a petition for Perpetuation of Testimony

Because witnesses have not willingly come forward with what they know, Elizabeth’s father Anthony Thomas filed a petition for Perpetuation of Testimony in Accordance with TRCP 27.01 on April 4, 2017.

The hope is that a court order will force potential witnesses to disclose any information they have regarding the relationship between Elizabeth Thomas and Tad Cummins under oath.

Elizabeth Thomas, 15

An Amber Alert was issued for Mary Catherine Elizabeth Thomas, a 15 year old Tennessee student who disappeared from Maury County on March 13, 2017.

More here: https://findingmissingpersons.blog/home/elizabeth-thomas-15/