Did Kamala Harris create a fake racist scandal in hopes to gain the black vote on her 2020 campaign

Tabloid newspaper TMZ reported that on January 22, 2019, a letter containing an anti-gay epithet and white powder (which appeared to be disguised as if written by a child) were mailed to Smollett at the Douglas Park neighborhood Cinespace Chicago Film Studios where ‘Empire’ is filmed. Authorities have verified that the powder was not dangerous nor harmful.
smollett letter
The return address was a dead giveaway that this was the beginning of a well planned scheme. At that time Smollett declined protection by Fox security. The FBI is continuing to look in to the source of the letter and investigate the incident.

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On Sunday, January 27, 2019, Smollett was seen colluding with Al Sharpton, who then interviewed him in a panel discussion about raising funds for Bennett College.

On January 29, 2019 after a fun-filled night with his friend “Frank”,  at 2:00 AM in -15* temperatures, ‘Empire’ actor Jussie Smollett felt hungry. So he left his friend’s 340 East North Water Street luxury apartment in Chicago and walked alone to the Subway Restaurant at 521 North McClurg Court in the Streeterville neighborhood.

After leaving the Subway shop, he walked the area of Ogden Plaza Park near 300 East North Lower Water Street instead of back to the residence.

odgen smollett

There he allegedly encountered two males who happened to be standing around in the dark, at 2:00 AM in -15* temperatures, wearing gloves and full face masks near the 300 East North Lower Water Street block of Chicago. He claimed they got his attention by allegedly yelling racial and homophobic slurs. It is here Smollett further states they hit him, poured a chemical substance on him, put a rope around his neck, then fled the scene. He didn’t call out or attempt to get help before, during or after the alleged attack, he just quietly returned to his friend’s place and called police at 2:32 AM.

Police radio traffic reveals a dispatcher asking officers to check on a battery report from a caller in an apartment in the 300 block of East North Water Street just after 2:30 AM. The friend of the actor, not Smollet himself, told responding officers that “a noose was placed over the friend’s neck,” and there was no mention of the unidentified chemical liquid. Also, the Sun-Times reports that the rope “didn’t necessarily resemble a noose” as has been widely reported. “From experienced observers, the most interesting part of the dispatch records is this: Responding officers never issued a “flash message” to give descriptions of the offenders to units in the field.” (cwbchicago.com)

When Chicago PD arrived, which was ~45 minutes after the attack, Smollett was still wearing the “thin clothesline, straight out of the package” around his neck. In the lengthy one hour police interview, he asked Chicago police officers to turn off their body cameras to take his report. It is then he stated his attackers went after him because he is gay, and that they had concealed their faces and hands with wearing gloves and full ski masks so he was unable to identify them by race. Police said Smollett took himself to Northwestern Memorial Hospital and is said to be in “good condition.”
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Chicago PD detectives collected security images and surveillance video from businesses and other from around the area and have reviewed hundreds of hours of footage from city and private cameras in the neighborhood where the alleged attack took place, but so far have not discovered any evidence or leads on a “possible racially-charged assault and battery” involving Smollett. They are now broadening their search even farther out, including the Chicago riverfront, attempting to locate any evidence to support the alleged assault on Smollett. All they have been able to recover is security image of Smollett alone inside the Subway sandwich shop near the location of the reported crime, and additional video placing him at the scene of the crime. The 12 Chicago PD officers and FBI agents haven’t yet found any video showing anyone but him (not the alleged assailants) in or outside of the Subway.

In the meantime, the alleged attack hit the social media platform of Twitter and other applications. Immediately, supporters of Smollett began discussing the contents of the police report. Those comments soon became questions, which then evolved into embellishments that turned into flagrant accusations, and were soon published on mainstream media outlets and tabloid newspapers. In other words, the little fish became a whale (on paper).

Although they were fabricated, Chicago PD investigators discovered the claims in media reports, and in effort to do their due diligence they returned to interview Smollett again. In that supplemental interview, Smollett was asked if the assailants were wearing red “MAGA” hats and yelled “MAGA” comments at him. Only then did he state they were.

Days later, after no evidence turned up to support the claim, and considering Smollett only made the MAGA claim after social media went viral with it as a trending story, the Chicago Police Department released a statement that the hats and MAGA comment did not happen and any reports of the attackers race are also incorrect because the attackers wore gloves and full masks so he couldn’t see them to make an ID.

Fake hate crimes are reported nearly as often as actual hate crimes. This scandal has all the makings of yet another fake claim to cover up something else like a drug deal, a sexual romp that left skin abrasions, or even a hoax to boost a politicians publicity.  On Twitter you can view @MLChristiansen’s #HoaxHateCrimeOfTheWeek on his Sunday night show.
Questions that remain unanswered include:

  • what injuries did Smollett sustain
  • were his injuries really the result of a kinky sex romp
  • had he consumed alcohol, marijuana or other drugs
  • were the alleged assailants wearing MAGA hats inside or on top of the full face ski masks
  • did the assailants have a detectable Arab or Hispanic accent
  • were carrying weapons
  • is this a hoax to help Kamala Harris gain momentum for her campaign

Shown: Smollett attending an anti-Trump MLK Jr 2018 parade with Kamala Harris , his sister Jurnee, and Maxine Waters

Shown: An poster making activity at the MLK Jr 2018 parade where Smollett may have gotten the idea to create the threatening letter sent to the studio





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