Retracing the Steps of Cassie Compton

Cassie Compton mentioned on her now – deactivated Facebook page that she was going to the Friday night football game on 9/12/14.

Who did she go with?

Did she come home that night?

Are there any pictures of her at the game, or the 5th Quarter party after the game?
Saturday 9/13/14, Cassie was picked up by an unnamed person according to Tracey Snyder, via interview with Jane Valdez-Mitchell.

Who picked her up?

In the interview, Tracey said Cassie was later brought to Tracey’s home. They then went to the derby in DeWitt together.

What was she wearing?

Who did she hang out with?

Are there any pictures of her at the derby?

Tracey then went on to say that Cassie spent the night at Tracey’s home.
Did she stay at Tracey’s house all night, or go out (on a date?) with Hunter Smith, Tracey’s son?

The next day on 9/14/14, they all hung around the house, had brunch, just a “normal” day. Around 6, Hunter drove Cassie home, dropped her off and left to head back home.

Here’s where things go sideways.

Cassie didn’t respond when her mother Judy called out to her. She changed her
clothes, then about 30 minutes later at 7:00 pm-ish, Cassie texts Hunter that she ‘going out for cigarettes’. She leaves the house with only her phone and is never seen again.

Now don’t judge her here. 1/2 the teenagers in America rebel against their parents and sneak a smoke, or worse. It’s becoming a norm, part of establishing independence from the adults that have been bossing you around for the past umpteen years.

Was the text code for “come pick me up”? Or maybe code for “I’m meeting Such n such”? Hunter must know what it means.

A few hours later Judy and Brandon become concerned that Cassie is missing. Remember, they know nothing about the text at this point. They call Tracey several times, then Brandon goes down to the Stuttgart police station to see if there’s anything they can do. They send him away. He calls Tracey one last time, with Hunter supposedly providing commentary in the background. Still, Cassie’s family has no idea where she could be. They still know nothing about the text.
No one knows where Cassie went, who she’s with, or that she went to get cigarettes…. except Hunter.

Local stores do not report having seen Cassie that night. Where did she normally buy her cigarettes? She’s only 15 at the time. Perhaps she had a supplier in a friend from church, or old school mate. Is that person someone she saw some time over the weekend?

Who was Cassie going to meet?

Where was Hunter all night? Where was he the next day? So many questions, so few answers.

Find Cassie Compton Facebook Group page.

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