The Search for Cassie Compton

In 2015, new questions were raised in the search for missing teen, Cassie Compton. Previously, Cassie’s mom Judy Compton and her live in boyfriend, Brandon Rhodes were named suspects in Cassie’s disappearance. Since that time, law enforcement has expanded their persons of interest pool to exclude no one. This alone tells us that police have no solid evidence tying Cassie’s disappearance to anyone in particular.

With the possibility of anyone being a suspect, new discussion of Cassie’s disappearance has come to include those last known to have seen her alive. Tracy Snyder went on the Jane Valdez-Mitchell show and discussed her last moments with Cassie. At face value, she was accepted as truthful and forthcoming. However, as time has passed and no new information has been provided to main stream media, it was only natural her interview would eventually be evaluated. Upon deeper scrutiny, it seems to have a lot of holes in it, raising new questions about her involvement, and that of her son Hunter Smith.

We know Cassie spent the night at the Snyder residence Saturday night. During that time, where were Smith and Cassie? Where was Tracy’s husband? Where did Cassie sleep? What time did she go to bed? What did she wear to bed? Who was the last person to see her before she went to bed? What time did Smith go to bed? Where did Smith sleep? Is there evidence of movement during the night, tying Cassie to any men inside the home, willingly or otherwise? What time did Cassie wake up? Who saw her first? What was her demeanor?

More questions: What bags or belongings does Snyder and Smith each recall Cassie taking with her when she left their residence? What was Cassie wearing when she left their residence? What vehicle was Smith driving when he left the Snyder residence to take Cassie home? Did Smith make any stops along the way to Cassie’s, or when he was returning home? Was Cassie actually dropped off at her home on 9/14/14 by Smith? Were there any witnesses? Where did Smith park while Cassie stepped out of his vehicle?

Snyder claims Smith saw Rhodes standing on the porch while Cassie walked into the home. Snyder said Smith said Cassie did not speak to Rhodes. Was Smith close enough to hear, if Cassie’s back was to him while she walked up the driveway? What does Smith say Rhodes was wearing? Was Rhodes alone? Did Rhodes appear to have spoken to Cassie? Could Smith hear? What was Rhode’s demeanor while Cassie walked up to the home? What does Smith say Rhodes was doing during this time?

Even more questions: Who saw Smith leave at 6:05 pm? What was he wearing? Who saw Smith return at 6:45? What was he wearing? When did Smith finally tell his mother, Snyder, that he had received a text from Cassie, that she was going to get cigarettes? What time did Smith begin relaying messages to Rhodes through Snyder’s phone calls? Where was Smith from 6:45 pm on 9/14/14 until 9:45 pm on 9/14/14? Where was Smith from 9:14 pm on 9/14/14 until 9:40 am on 9/15/14?

There are so many questions left unanswered. As long as the Snyder-Smith family continue to hide in the shadows and do not come forward publicly with credible answers, they should be viewed as persons of interest. And if these concerns are not satisfactorily answered, the Snyder household should be considered suspects in Cassie’s disappearance. No stone will be left un-turned in the search for Cassie.


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