Sarah Evans and Jerrell Clyde Missing

Little 9 month old Elijah Clyde was handed over to Roseland Community Hospital staff in Chicago, Illinois on June 27, 2017 at 10:00 AM when his parents Sarah Evans and Jerrell Clyde could not be found. Baby Elijah was determined to be healthy and showed no signs of abuse or neglect.

The hospital, which is on Chicago’s south side at W. 111th St. and State St., claims to have had past encounters with the woman who dropped off little Elijah, and that she is believed to be mentally ill. She was taken to Jackson Park Hospital for care. Elijah’s local grandparents are eager to bring him home, but children’s welfare services has chosen to place him in foster care until his parents are found.

If you have any information to the whereabouts of Elijah’s parents, you should contact the Area South Special Victims Unit at 312-747-8274.

Missing couple: Jerrell Clyde & Sarah Evans

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