Searching for Piqui

Last seen on April 20, 2017 leaving Disneyland with his father, paternal grandmother and a third adult, little 5 year old Aramazd Andressian Jr., aka Piqui, has now been missing for over 7 weeks.

It was learned that Andressian Sr. was spotted in Orange County on the morning of April 21, then later that day at Lake Cachuma. Piqui was not seen with him. In the early morning hours of April 22, Andressian Sr. was located in Arroyo Park lying next to his gasoline doused BMV in a state of faked unconsciousness. Piqui was no where to be found. Andressian Sr. has been named a person of interest, since he was one of the last people seen with Piqui and claimed Piqui was with him at Arroyo Park on April 22. He has also provided authorities with “inconsistent” and “misleading” statements.

Last month Arroyo Park was searched more thoroughly (based on a “credible tip”), and Andressian Sr.’s mother’s Montebello home was searched for evidence. Authorities have declined to reveal what they uncovered, but did disclose that searches were related to leads they had developed.

After working through the evidence they have now gathered, Los Angeles law enforcement officials determined that Piqui’s father had driven the roads between Solvang to Nojoqui Falls and along Highway 154 south of Lake Cachuma in what appears to be a loop some time after they all left Disneyland but before Andressian Sr.’s next credible sighting at Lake Cachuma on April 21.  As a result, this week 150 search-and-rescue personnel began a new, intense search for Piqui in those areas of the Santa Ynez Valley. The first leg of this search is focusing on roadside stops to determine if he hid Piqui somewhere out there, handed him off to someone,  or if he discarded anything off of the sides of the roadways. The search efforts include scent dogs, deputies on horseback, drones, and a helicopter.

If Andressian Sr. had originally meant to take the cowardice way out and intentionally end his own life after the disappearance of Piqui, he may try it again. We hope authorities are also keeping a close eye on him while they slowly close in on him.

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