Anna Maciejewska-Gould is Missing

Anna Bronislawa Maciejewska-Gould, 43, was last seen leaving her home for work on April 10. She is 5’4” tall, weighs about 150 lbs., has blue eyes and brown hair with blonde highlights. She was driving her dark blue 2011 Audi A4 with the license plate HTF2919. If you saw Anna or her car please contact Pennsylvania State Police at 610-486-6280.

Anna’s Backstory:
Anna graduated from Warsaw University in Poland in Mathematics and Computer Science. She immigrated to the US about 20 years ago and became a U.S. citizen. She studied Actuary Mathematics in Louisville, Kentucky and is a member of the American Academy of Actuaries and a fellow of Actuaries. She’s been employed as an Actuary and Quant at Voya Financial Inc. (previously ING) in the East Goshen section of West Chester for the past 17 years. She is described as very intelligent, highly valued, and likable by her coworkers and friends. She lives with her husband of ten years, 52 year old Allen Jay Gould, and their four year old son Andrew (his birthdays are in May) in a beautiful and much loved home she personally designed in 2015 on 10 Hedgerow Ln. in Malvern, PA in Charlestown Township. She lived in Exton, PA and at 675 Metro Ct. in West Chester previously.

Anna is reported to have last attended work on March 26. On March 27 she called her mother Janina Maciejewska in Warsaw, Poland to say she was planning to travel there with her son to attend her father’s 80th birthday celebration on March 30. The next day, March 28, she texted her mom in Poland saying “Mommy, something came up at work and we will arrive on Thursday, but we will stay the weekend (returning on Monday). Kisses, Anna”. That evening Anna called Poland again and verbally repeated the same itinerary to her family. During that call it was suggested they postpone the birthday celebration until Easter. Anna stated she would discuss the idea with Allen that evening. That was the last time anyone other than her husband has heard her voice or made contact with her. Since that last call on March 28, other than Allen none of Anna’s family members, coworkers or friends have seen or spoken to her.

After no contact with Anna for the entire next day of March 29, Janina sent a text message to her daughter asking if she was still planning to come to Poland the next day. Anna abruptly cancelled the trip to her native Poland by simply replying “I’m sorry I cannot come, kisses Anna”. Anna’s elderly father was disappointed that Anna did not call, but only texted him on his birthday. “It’s really not like her” said Janina.

It has been reported that Anna was seen at a restaurant having dinner with her husband and son on April 2 or March 26 (the friend can’t recall which date for certain). Anna then allegedly became ill so notified her work via text message that she would also not be in for the week of April 3. Janina contacted Allen on April 8, who instructed her to call back in two days. After those two days, on April 10 Anna’s family from Poland reported her missing to the police in Philadelphia, PA. After Anna failed to show up for work on April 10-11, her employer notified Pennsylvania State Police about her disappearance. An investigation began on April 11 after the employer showed concern that Anna had requested the past two weeks off of work, then failed return on her first day back on April 10.

The first contact police had with the missing woman’s husband regarding her disappearance was on April 12. According to this news article, at that time Allen “cooperated when he reported his wife missing and provided them with ‘valuable information’.”  This is when Allen told investigators that Anna had left for work around 9:45 AM two days prior. Allen stated she was in a panic, rushing to attend a work-related meeting. However, Anna’s coworkers countered this saying there was not an “important” meeting scheduled that morning, just their daily 15-minute daily huddle that Anna was allowed to skip. Lt. Daniels stated “We are not going to get specifically into details, but there was a delay on his part in contacting us directly between the period of the 10th, when she left the house, and the 12th when he finally contacted us.”

She never completed her 10 minute drive to work that day nor did she return home that evening. Anna did not take her cell phone or passport with her, but may have had her wallet. State police continue to attempt to work with Gould through his attorney, Evan Kelly of West Chester. Kelly released a statement on Allen’s behalf saying it’s a very difficult time and requested privacy.

On May 8, Anna’s Audi was located at Charlestown Meadows overflow parking lot on Ashtree Drive in Malvern, near neighborhood walking trails. Some of Anna’s personal items were found in her car, which was impounded for investigation. The contents have been kept confidential. On May 13, forty investigators including Embreeville Station Troopers, search dogs, and State Police Academy Cadets returned to conduct an extensive search around the Charlestown Meadows development, the surrounding neighborhoods, and the wooded area around the walking trails. It is unknown if Anna had previously visited the trails.

If you have seen Anna or her car since March 28, please contact Pennsylvania State Police Embreeville Barracks in West Bradford at 610-486-6280, 1-800-4PA-TIPS, or 911. The case is assigned to Lt. Brandon Daniels, Criminal Investigation Section Commander.

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