Lois Fink, Not Missing – But Not Found

It appears Lois Fink is no longer considered missing. The Aware Foundation Facebook page posted the following about Lois’ status on May 24, 2017: “According to the Princeton WV PD Lois Fink’s case is now closed and we can remove her flyer.” At the time of this posting, there is no verification by Princeton police that she is found, so we’ll just have to take The Aware Foundation’s word for it.

Before her case was closed, some pretty harmful slander had affected her husband and son in very negative ways.  For as long as this link remains active and the comments aren’t deleted, you can read here and/or below how hurtful the accusations and misconduct from locals in Princeton, WV have been to Lois’ family, which no doubt would only further her distress.  There is no proof that Lois’ husband Rick or their son ever harmed Lois, so it’s really slanderous, hateful and just mean.

Previously, we read that Rick had claimed Lois was suicidal because of how her birth family had been treating her. We also read she had been having an affair, possibly online, with a man from Oklahoma in the Fall of 2016. Obviously, if a person is having an affair their marriage is rocky. And, she has a teen son at home, which is stressful for any parent, any where. And if you read the links or viewed the images below, it seems locals are not very nice to her, even hateful and bully-ish. So most likely it’s a combination of all those multiple things that finally overwhelmed her and affected her mental state so greatly. We here at FMP don’t know the actual circumstances surrounding her condition, but it’s not too hard to conclude that she’s in a hospital getting mental help and healing. Due to HIPPA laws and even just general respect of her privacy, we cannot verify that. But we do wish her the very best and hope she can soon get back to a normal life that has her once again smiling in pictures.

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11 thoughts on “Lois Fink, Not Missing – But Not Found”

  1. Hello all this is lois finks husband giving a update found out someone changed her adress to yukon oaklohoma the princeton pd dect claimed that was not illegal also family and friends could use her name and profiles that was not illegal all wemon lie and her own sisters who all live on key street think so this lt peugh came to my home with claims of he dont care if lois sucks dick for money this conduct was veiwed buy other law enf also local cps and dhhr workers working with our son alsi lois statment of why she left like she did was kept quiet buy princeton pd i still have all statments etc and to this day absolutly nothing done with the persons responsable its being iqnored and stalking sexual harrasment terrostic threats ongoing todays date is june 8 2018 as long as nothing is done with persons responsable i will continue to post on all sites i can and keep screenshots and print them out.

    1. You are always welcome to post your comments here as long as it doesn’t bring harm to another person.

    2. Lois is doing better however the millers and her own mother are still trying to stalk her and having friends like dennis major slander her name at public places i recorded this slander also reported it to local pd of course it seems like they dont want to have to clean up the mess that was made of lives now due to their onexperence with cyberstalking this type sexual harrasment stalking slander is ongoing lois has many times voiced her wishes on taking billy ray miller to court her own mother would get rid of her own daughter before that her mother is constantly with them and never once along with these other gamily members like sherry carr and these so called friends on fb pprofiles that supposably had all these conversations have visited her upon her return also at the time lois went missing was everyone aware her own mother had a active restraining order on her own daughter due to lois askinng her why did she let billy ray miller around her after the rape so this os ongoing bit i will not stop till justice is done also on all these reports from gray pctn city od why did he not report lois sttatment where she confessed her own family mother sister neice along with others drove her to that also the threats she was recieving on a daily basis so whats up with this gray favortisim or what.

      1. Another thing aroounnd three weeks ago this dennis major who works at our local wallmart while at work was telling me how billy ray miller knew lois. Had slept in a car in their parking lot all nite i ask him how would billy miller know that he replied he must have been following why would he be following just like has been reported neumerous times stalking he is married to her sister who livesvon key street and according to ppeugh from pctn city pd sucks dick for money becaulse sisters think so thats what was told to my son biy this officer on a unrelated call. What professional conduct buy this one who will be sure and let you know. He is the lt and speeks for whole dept and if you complain to his chief nothing will be done that makes me wonder whats up with that also this incident of dennis major was reported to gray it has been weeks after he stated he was getting charges but again nothing . again whats up with that are they gonna help get rid of lois to keep her quiet if so isent that criminal or pd refusing to do their job that should have been done years ago

  2. I do have a background in investigations private also experience in investigating affairs also criminal corruption and also through us millitafy in other countrys you wod be suprised to see just how many crimes go unsolved due to small towns friends of friends people including officals are to quick to believe rumors etc becaulse they dont want to take time to really look in to things when familt is involved it can be the most cruel of crimes when you have family covering for otber members its a bad cituation all around this has ben ongoins for over eighteen years me and lois havs been togeather sence she was 19 years old immediatley i noticed a patteren there with her mother sister and billy i ask lois what went on she was reluctent to say but when her mother calls her and claims billy is drinking and demands to know where you are dont tell your father or rick and this dude is married to her sister its kinda ovious along with threats we were getting their problem is i will not run or hide and i am not scared of them and will not stop till we see justice no one should have to live like that lois is a victom of being raped as a child and has been stalked ever sence and threatned to keep her mouth shut and why should she have to live like that and saying something or asking her mother why she sent her off and droped charges and why did you let him back in our home and force me to be around him is not a crime and does not mean crazy etc i think she deservs answers

    1. I will post more as i can this story needs to get out questians need to be ask things need to be resollved for ovious reasons also if these persons will go to these lengthhs on keeeping lois quiet who else have they done this to how many more lives and familys have been destroyed?

  3. This is lois finks husband lois is home the affair was untrue her family members set up neumerous fb profiles and friends of friends one andrew flaming friend of sherry carr and jacod sherrys son they set that up also some others as you can see on my fb set those up for her family as well local pd did not bother with doing something about these people driving her to almost suicide she was at a place getting help she wanted her location private she was not in oaklohoma her familt changed her adress however pd sent her id to her true location this has caused our son to almost take his own life due to me and him being accused of murdering lois however her family member sherry carr posted where lois talked with her granmpther via my phone these slanderous remarks still go on along with death threats for lois to never take her sisters husband to court for rapeing her at age 15 we are stalked hacked etc buy her family and thier friends so we are taking other routs to see that justice is done this should have never went this far when a person is willing to take their own life its time to take action on those who are responsible

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    1. What exactly is your mission alex i lnow a alex from here who jappens to be kin to those who caused all this oviously you dont do much diging do you if you would you wpd see how this was planed to drive lois to be crazy and yes suicidal to keep her mouth shut about being raped at age 15 also you would see how everytime lois or me and pur son say something they want to claim crazy delusional crap like that you will see a patteren with the same people making all these slanserous accusations none of her familt ever visits her at all so how could they know all that they dont visit or live in our home yoy claim you study so lets see what you find

    2. For every bodys info that oaklohoma crap look at friends lists and see how many family members that connects with and funny you wont see lois fink in their friends list so you tell me how odd jacob andrew sherry carr andrew friends jjacob sherry carrs son

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